We enjoy playing gigs for open audiences as well – municipal celebrations, festivals, fairs and events for children. As the band Bůhví with a celebrity in our midst we did a countless number of such concerts. We can manage with a large stage and a full town square just as well as in an intimate environment. But the greatest challenge for us is a children’s audience. There’s no way to skimp on them.

Municipal Celebrations / Festivals / Fairs

We can liven up your cultural event in two ways: through a concert of our own original musical repertoire (Martin Hrubý and Bůhví), or a concert of dance music covers (PartyLeaders). Or we can show both faces, which is the most popular option – in the afternoon program we play as Bůhví, and in the end we get the town square moving as PartyLeaders.

Kid’s Days – songs from children’s’ shows and bedtime stories

Children tend to be the hardest audiences to please. Take your foot off the gas, let up on the energy, and you’ve lost them. But getting them stirred up with music is a beautiful experience. No one else can give you back the same kind of joy and euphoria. That’s why we enjoy it. And getting dressed up sometimes as a dwarf or a gamekeeper isn’t bad either!