Sometimes there’s an anniversary to celebrate, grandiose party to be organized, a family reunion, friends to invite together for a good time. On such an occasion a band can be a great gift for the person of honor, or the celebrant themselves can shine in front of their friends with a perfectly thought up and organized birthday party. Good live music is the cornerstone for any grand soiree.

Band + DJ

Birthday parties often look a lot like wedding celebrations. The task of the band is to entertain every generation and get them dancing, which means having a wide-ranging and diverse repertoire. We offer shows with a total length of about 180 minutes, divided into 4 to 6 blocks with breaks of at least min. 15 minutes, and a maximum duration of 6 hours. The most common schedule for a birthday party tends to be:

19:00 – 19:40 first set – PartyLeaders

19:40 – 20:00 intermission with recorded music (our own DJ Bedřich)

20:00 – 20:40 second set – PartyLeaders

20:40 – 21:00 intermission with recorded music (our own DJ Bedřich)

21:00 – 21:40 third set – PartyLeaders

21:40 – 22:00 intermission with recorded music (our own DJ Bedřich)

22:00 – 22:40 fourth set – PartyLeaders

22:40 – 23:00 intermission with recorded music (our own DJ Bedřich)

23:00 – 23:40 fifth set – PartyLeaders

23:40 – our own DJ Bedřich takes the baton and the dance party goes on for as long as you like. You decide on the finishing time on the spot depending on how things look. After the band finishes, we charge 1,000 CZK per hour for the DJ.

It is up to you of course to decide on the program for the event, and we will be happy to accommodate you. If you end up feeling like ordering one more set from the band, we will do it if we’re still up to it. In our basic line-up of four musicians we charge 4,000 CZK for a 45-minute encore set.