Weddings are one of life’s most important moments which, ideally, should be a once-off thing, and so your wedding day should be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Everyone should have fun – from the grandparents to your friends and their kids. And that’s what we want to see to – and we do it from A to Z! Music for the ceremony, request songs for the newlyweds’ first dance, a hoedown with live music and in the end with DJ Bedřich!


Out repertoire is set up so that every generation will find what they’re looking for, and we put maximum energy into our performance so that no one ends up just sitting around listening, and everybody gets in the mood to dance, sing and have fun with everybody else. Out main motivation isn’t pay (although we are made up exclusively of professional musicians), but the joy and positive energy that our music revs up, and that comes back to us from the busy dance floor. A good wedding party that we have helped create is our main reward and our hobby, you could say. We can call it a hobby because we are not just a live entertainment band for weddings, but primarily a band that plays concerts under the name Bůhví and records its own songs. So being a wedding band is also a bit of relaxation for us. A great opportunity to play the best that the last 80 years of popular dance music has to offer, which we immensely enjoy!


A live band gets an event going and pumps up your energy so much that you certainly won’t want to stop dancing when we have to stop playing – we offer a live music production of a total 180 minutes divided into blocks that we arrange with you – for example 4 x 45 min. or 6 x 30 min. – because the human vocal chords are, after all, a muscle that stops working when overstrained – and that’s why one of us, if you want, can at that moment become DJ Bedřich, who will play you any hit you can think of. And if you can’t think of any then we’ll think them up ourselves and the dancing can continue until the early hours. We charge 1000 CZK per hour, and you decide when the disco ends. If you set up a playlist of your own you want to dance to, we’ll be happy to play it for you.


We’re ready at any time to pick up the microphone and say what you need – toss the wedding bouquet, auction off the bride’s garter, hold a wedding quiz, a raffle, fireworks, Chinese lanterns… During the wedding season we’ve been having celebrations one weekend after the other for years now. We know what’s up.

Music for the wedding ceremony

We will be happy to provide you with a musical accompaniment during your wedding ceremony. One option is a solo romantic piano or our keyboard player’s organ, another is any other instrument you can think of – bagpipes, harps, trombones or a string quartet, we’ve prepared them all before – and lastly (but by no means least) there’s the opinion of DJ Bedřich, who can play your “Wedding March” from a recording.

Newlyweds’ first dance

All the wedding guests are sure to be keen to see your first dance solo, which ceremonially opens the door to everybody joining the dance floor. And to make sure the moment is truly celebratory our wedding band should be playing your special song. The choice of song is entirely up to you. If it’s not in our repertoire already we will be happy to learn it for you (where humanly possible and provided you give us at least a week’s notice). Some of the songs we often play are, for example, the waltz Moon River (Henry Mancini – Breakfast at Tiffany’s) or love songs like You Are So Beautiful (Billy Preston – Joe Cocker), Stand by Me (Ben E. King), Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley), Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley) etc. If you’re able dancers you might choose for instance the tango Por una cabeza (Carlos Gardel).

Professional approach and conduct

We are always mindful of the fact that our job at your celebration is to entertain you and your guests, not to show off and get drunk at your expense. We will never raid your banquet without being invited to do so ahead of time, and if we are then we wait politely until all your guests have had their share. We hardly drink alcohol at all, some of us only to the decent extent that positively influences our performance. You are guaranteed to never see us drunk, and are guaranteed to see us in a very good mood.

Sound system and lighting

We generally handle the sound system and lighting on our own, since there isn’t often a concert sound setup lying around and a soundman to run it. If you have such a setup we will be happy to use it. Otherwise, as we know from experience that a wedding band should not be too noisy, we leave the drum set unplugged to play acoustically. All our other instruments adapt to the drum level from their own amplifiers and all that is left to mike up are the vocals, the volume of which we can monitor on our own. That saves money for the work of a sound engineer and we can offer the sound setup for the price that it costs us to rent it.

If you would like to have us play “plugged in” at the best level of concert quality, we will be very happy to bring our preferred sound master with us. That option is more expensive, but it is without a doubt the best.

We generally do not bring lighting equipment with us, however it is no problem renting it at your request and light everything as you like it. It’s all up for discussion.


Our starting points are Prague and Brno (depending on which of our front-men or front-women you order.) We’ll be happy to go wherever you need us. We find the distance using the navigation on Google maps and charge 15 CZK/km from Prague or Brno and back. If your wedding party is taking place in Prague / Brno, we charge a set fee of 600 CZK.


We can send you our up-to-date pricelist right away. Order both live music and a DJ for your wedding from us! It pays off, because you only pay one price for the sound setup and transport. What’s more, there’s no delay in installing two different setups. Our DJ Bedřich can start the disco as soon as the live show ends. There can of course be recorded music during the band’s breaks, which usually last 15 minutes (if the break does not include part of the wedding program, like games, which we will also be happy to help you organize if you’d like) and it’s free of charge.

We hope our offer has interested you. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.